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Our Drywall and Plastering services are designed to provide homeowners with professional, high-quality wall finishes for an unbeatable price.
  • Drywall and Plastering for MCR painting and remodeling LLC in Tucker, GA
  • Drywall and Plastering for MCR painting and remodeling LLC in Tucker, GA

When it comes to your home’s walls, you want the best quality possible. That’s why drywall and plastering services are a great choice for any renovation project. Whether you’re remodeling an entire room in your home or just fixing up a few spots, hiring an experienced professional can ensure that the job is done right and looks amazing.

Drywall and plastering services offer many benefits that are worth considering when planning a project. For one thing, these services provide a high level of expertise in both materials and installation. When drywall or plaster is installed correctly, it can last for decades without needing to be replaced or repaired again. Professional installers know the most efficient ways to put up wall coverings so we look their best while also staying durable over time.

In addition to providing long-lasting results, drywall and plastering services can help save money on labor costs since we usually charge by the hour rather than by square foot like some other contractors do. This means that if you have an especially large area to cover (or lots of detailed work) the overall cost will be much lower than if you were paying someone else per square foot of material used. Plus, since professionals have access to all of the necessary tools required for these tasks (such as trowels, sanders, etc.) there’s no need for additional purchases which can add up quickly when doing DIY projects yourself!

Another benefit of hiring professional drywall and plastering services is that we guarantee quality workmanship with each job we do – something that cannot always be said about DIY projects where mistakes are more likely due to lack of experience or improper knowledge about how certain materials should be handled/installed correctly. Professionals also provide warranties on their work so if something goes wrong later down the line (such as cracks appearing after drying), customers know who to contact for repairs – rather than having no clue who did what when trying out DIY methods!

Finally – even though it may not seem like it at first glance – hiring professional drywall and plastering services also helps support local businesses within your community! By choosing local professionals over big box stores (that may bring in workers from elsewhere), customers get higher-quality service while supporting small businesses close by at the same time - something everyone should strive towards whenever possible!

In conclusion – when considering any kind of wall covering project in your home - whether its minor repairs/touch ups or major renovations - booking a reliable drywall & plastering service is one sure way to make sure everything looks perfect once completed!

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  • out of 5 stars

    I’m More than Satisfied with the installation of my Vinyl flooring ! I LOVE Them ! *MCR is an Excellent Remodeling Co.with great professionalism, and Awesome Skills, they worked efficiently, and completed my floors in a timely manner, they were In and out So! For all of my remodeling needs MCR has my ( and my husband’s ) business ! I’m well pleased !

    Queens Of God Home Owner
  • out of 5 stars

    MCR painted my house exterior and the job was well done. The team not only carefully painted what should be done, but also fixed problems such as board damages caused by carpenter bees before painting. Friendly owner, hard-working and professional team, high-quality paint, great job, and good work ethic. Highly recommend this company if you want high-quality painting.

    W Jiang Home Owner
  • out of 5 stars

    Mcr Painting and Remodeling do a fantastic job. They are fair, careful, conscientious and knowledgeable. Definitely work with them.

    Kim Shashy Home Owner

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